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 The Sun Goddess, Solaris, has learned of the Championship and is determined to free all of the heroines and destroy the series. The Announcer soon learns she is for real and can do as she claims, so he puts in an expensive call to Lady Nemesis to deal with Solaris. Two Goddesses collide in this epic battle, and it seems Solaris has never fought anything so powerful. Shocked by Lady Nemesis' might, she is smashed all over the ring! Lady Nemesis doesn't simply want to win however, she wants to humiliate, and Solaris will make a perfect slave!

Length: 18 minutes 11 seconds  / Price: $24.95
The Championship war between Elite Force and the Guardian Angel's continues as Wonderstrike and Shining Spirit are brought together by the Announcer for a 3-round battle, including Boxing KO's, Pin-falls... and a 3rd to be decided. Both ladies are confident of victory, and dislike one another, but since both have blasting powers and little self-restraint, chaos obviously ensues. Neither heroine wants to be beaten, and nothing will stand in their way. But will Elite Force, or the Guardians claim this one? Find Out Now!

Length: 15 minutes 30 seconds  / Price: $18.95
It is Elite Force versus The Guardian Angels as Majesty and Alias duel in the ring in an 'Iron Lady Battle'. The one who scores the most pins or submissions in the time limit will be the winner! Majesty's great strength is well-known, so Alias attempts to counter with Lightstalker's technology, and when that doesn't achieve the desired effect, she turns to Lady Atom form. Both ladies get taken down in this one, but who takes the worst beating of all? Find Out Now!

Length: 16 minutes 45 seconds  / Price: $19.95
Wonderstrike and 'Vicious' Vicky Vazquez engage in a 'Last Woman Standing' Battle. Where one must take down the other until she is flat on her back for a 10 count from the Announcer. Surely Wonderstrike's experience in the ring, and her amazing Wonder-Blast signature power will do the job? Not if Vicky has anything to do with it! Vicky earned her 'Vicious' moniker by being exactly that, and the sparkly blonde superheroine is going to learn about pain before this battle is through!

Length: 13 minutes 08 seconds  / Price: $16.95
Patriot-Girl heads to the ring super-confident that whomever the Announcer has in store for her, it simply doesn't matter... She's far too powerful. When Arantxa Luner enters, Patriot-Girl's opinion is unmoved. It will be a 10-count KO battle. The villainess has brought with her a weakening gas that sends the blonde heroine into a dizzy spin and allows Arantxa to score several heavy hits.  Will the superheroine be KO'd for the full 10-count?

Length: 12 minutes 36 seconds  / Price: $16.95
Alias enters the ring in Sonica form, hoping to scream her way to victory. Midnight certainly plans to make her scream in pain anyway. Alias fights hard but when the Announcer interferes and takes Alias' voice, the contest becomes extremely one-sided. Alias tries switching to Starshot form, but no amount of teleporting will save her from a bad bad defeat. After being woman-handled for a long time, Alias has no clue where she is. Has she any hope of victory?

Length: 17 minutes 11 seconds  / Price: $21.95
Shining Spirit comes to the Championship ring for the first time expecting the Announcer to make her life difficult, but certain that her heroic goodness will win the day. The Announcer has another debutant to face her; 'Vicious' Vicky Vazquez. As her name implies, Vicky is a crazed and brutal fighter determined to win at all costs. This is a 'Best of 3' pins battle, and Shining Spirit will have to be at her best to deal with the crazed onslaught of her opponent.

Length: 14 minutes 01 seconds  / Price: $17.95
Ubiquity makes her singles debut and makes the mistake of disrespecting the Announcer's impartiality. For that slander, she gets a special opponent: Midnight. This villain has such an overwhelming strength advantage over Ubiquity that no foul play will be needed. The rules are that the most pins or submissions scored by one combatant over another, wins. Once Midnight works out Ubquity's power, it gets extremely one-sided, with the heroine getting completely squashed for the duration.

Length: 14 minutes 35 seconds  / Price: $17.95
Majesty makes her return to the Championship ring after a long absence to take on the Space Pirate Requiem. The villainess towers over the diminutive Super-Brit, but size isn't everything, and once the action starts Requiem finds herself on the ropes and struggling to match Majesty's power. It's fortunate then, that she has a few weapons she can use to even the score. After some paralysing electric shocks, and sleeping gas, it is Majesty who is taking the beating.

Length: 16 minutes 39 seconds  / Price: $19.95
Two new heroines make their Championship debut, both extremely confident of beating the other, however, they will actually team up to face another debutante; Lady Nemesis! The Announcer simply couldn't resist putting the cocky Patriot-Girl and Ubiquity in a fight they couldn't possibly win. Now it is up to Lady Nemesis how cruel the defeat will be! How bad does it get? Find out now...

Length: 14 minutes 19 seconds  / Price: $17.95
Alias comes to the ring in Miss Freedom form and is delivered her worst nightmare... The Dominator. This battle requires a 10-count pin for victory, meaning KO's are most likely required. Dominator has never had a problem squashing Miss Freedom, so in desperation Alias changes to Bluebird form, but here the domination gets even worse! Perhaps her only chance is Angel form, and the mind control it gives her? But if Dominator finds a way around it, Alias is toast. Who wins? Find out now...

Length: 18 minutes 35 seconds  / Price: $22.95
The Announcer pulls a cunning trick to get Celestia and Wonderstrike to fight. If Celestia wins, she can set a heroine free, is Wonderstrike wins, she increases her lead as top heroine. AND if they perform dirty or rough moves on each other, he'll freeze their opponent for a free hit! Surely these proud heroines won't stoop to his level and fight dirty for your entertainment? Don't be so sure...

Length: 15 minutes 48 seconds  / Price: $18.95
Miss Freedom is lured to the ring once more by the dastardly Announcer to battle the Alpha-Villainess Pandora Gold. Miss Freedom isn't worried, she is far stronger. But Pandora has brought with her a strength enhancer to take her past the heroine for a brief period! The battle is set as a KO Contest, with the lady scoring the most in the time limit the winner. Miss Freedom tries to stop Pandora using the enhancer, but once she does, the blonde heroine is put to sleep on the canvas over and over again! 

Length: 15 minutes 39 seconds  / Price: $19.95
Captain Liberty is always ready for her next opponent, but on arrival into the ring, the Announcer cannot resist taking a dig at her father. A mistake. The Captain begins an attack and only her real opponent - Dr Progress, can stop her. The true scheduled fight begins and is a really brutal and close battle, but now the Announcer holds a grudge, and keeps helping the Dr with weapons, turning the tide against Captain Liberty! Can she find a way to win against the odds?

Length: 21 minutes 34 seconds  / Price: $24.95
Miss Freedom can't take another defeat, and in the 'jobber' program, that's all she's getting, daily. She hatches a plan to trick the Announcer by promising to be enthusiastic about losing if he will give her powers back. However, the plan backfires spectacularly and she ends up stripped of powers again and facing the formidable Dr Progress in the ring, with him deciding the rules, which happen to be maximum pain until he gets tired. Miss Freedom receives one of the worst squashes in Championship history! 

Length: 18 minutes 46 seconds  / Price: $21.95
New heroines Alias & Majesty team up and take on a very frightening pairing of The Dominator & Dr Progress in a tag team encounter. Unsurprisingly, the villains are more than happy to cheat and double-team our pure heroines, while a complicit Announcer does little to enforce the rules. The spandex-clad ladies bring a lot of guts and feistiness to the mat, but can they really out-do these two villains in the punishment stakes? Will the two villains end up flat out, or will we have another KO'd superheroine pile-up? 

Length: 17 minutes 18 seconds  / Price: $21.95
Wonderstrike takes on Sister Fate in a top of the leaderboard KO's battle. It's a best of 5 and the winner will be able to crow as either 'Top Heroine' or joint leader of the entire Championship. Neither lady gives any quarter in this heavy-hitting encounter where both combatants are put out cold by the other. Weapons are used and things are taken to the outside. Both women want the victory, but do they have what it takes?

Length: 15 minutes 01 seconds  / Price: $18.95
The new Queen makes her Championship debut and demands an opponent worthy of her time. She boasts that she is much stronger than her disgraced sister and convinces the Announcer to send in Nemesis to cut her down to size. What better way to humble Majesty than a submission battle? As expected, the Dark God shows no mercy and it isn't long before a shattered Majesty is tapping for her life!

Length: 17 minutes 39 seconds  / Price: $21.95
Celestia is on her last chance. As the defeats mount up she gets closer to the precipice of the 'Jobber' program. Where her identity will be stripped, and only endless defeat will await her. To avoid this fate she must take on the Announcer himself, but he has loaded the dice in his favour of course. He sets about humiliating her brutally, but a pin is all she needs. Can she do it?

Length: 17 minutes 16 seconds  / Price: $19.95
Captain Liberty despises Miss Freedom and blames her for the end of her father's heroic career. She is therefore delighted to be meeting her in the ring for some payback. Miss Freedom for her part, is only too happy to put down any heroine who challenges her leadership. 3 rounds: Boxing, Powerless, and 10-count pin. Let's find out whether Liberty or Freedom is the mightiest!

Length: 24 minutes 16 seconds  / Price: $24.95
Captain Liberty makes her ring debut and it is clear the nature of the Championship is unknown to her.  The Announcer summons Anvil to deal with the over-confident heroine, but she does well early on in the fight, causing him to use his power gauntlet, after that, the villain takes control with brutal outside ring action and painful holds and stretches. Perhaps Captain Liberty regrets entering the ring now? Or does she cause an upset?  Find out now...

Length: 15 minutes 54 seconds  / Price: $19.95
The Announcer has decided in view of Miss Freedom's terrible win-loss record to officially turn her into a 'jobber'. This will strip her of power and identity, making her defeat certain in all battles from now on. Miss Freedom is very unhappy about this and so Lord Nemesis is sent to convince her. What follows is a lengthy, and extremely one-sided squash match that results in Miss Freedom having to comply with the embarrassment whole-heartedly. What a calamity! Watch it all now...

Length: 20 minutes 00 seconds  / Price: $22.95
Nemesis, the Dark God, is in need of a challenge. He demands the Announcer produce the strongest heroines available. Spectrum is delivered. The heroine is confident but Nemesis crushes her like a bug. Still thirsty, he demands another. This time it is Majesty who arrives, but even her great strength cannot stop the onslaught. How bad does it get? Find out now... 

Length: 14 minutes 14 seconds  / Price: $16.95
What if the Crown Prince had defeated Celestia? In this 'battle' the chained heroine has two options for who will rule her. Will it be Commander Curse? Or Myanna? The Commander starts and shows how brutal his rule would be, relentlessly attacking Celestia. Myanna on the other hand uses humiliation and mind control as her weapon. Either way, Celestia's future is extremely bleak with this encounter producing possibly her most humiliating defeat of all time. Find out now...

Length: 18 minutes 34 seconds  / Price: $22.95
Candy Race equalises Sister Fate's power, leaving them both hitting nothing, so the Announcer strips both women of their powers, and their boots, in order to have a barefoot brawl! The winner must score a 10 count KO against the loser, and without powers both combatants must rely on their natural fighting talent. Who wins in this tooth and nail fight? Find out now...

Length: 12 minutes 57 seconds  / Price: $15.95
The Deceptress gets back into an eerily quiet ring, whereupon she is faced by Requiem, a Space Pirate with a deeply mean streak. Naturally Erica expects to be stronger than anyone she fights but Requiem soon proves her wrong, battering her all over the ring and putting her in a serious of painful and humiliating holds. Will Deceptress's dreadful losing streak continue? Find out now...

Length: 18 minutes 41 seconds  / Price: $22.95
The Deceptress makes her long-awaited return to the Championship ring determined to set the record straight and record a WIN. The Announcer doesn't like this idea and so he pits her against 'Nemesis' who happens to be a Dark God and basically invincible. Soon it isn't a question of winning or losing, but how many times the superheroine will be knocked out!

Length: 13 minutes 54 seconds  / Price: $16.95
Majesty makes her debut in the championship as she takes on both Spectrum and The Anvil in an all-v-all Triple Threat battle. All 3 combatants are fiercely strong, but who is the mightiest?

All 3 fight each other throughout the battle with the Anvil trying strength holds and lifts and Majesty and Spectrum attempting to batter each other. Who of the 3 takes the win? Find out now!

Length: 15 minutes 03 seconds  / Price: $17.95
Celestia and Candy take to the ring expecting a difficult fight, what they get is beyond their wildest nightmares! The Announcer lays battle stipulations that halve our heroines strength while also allowing the villainous Myanna and Sister Fate to use weapons. A completely unfair stitch-up. What follows is a humiliating massacre as both Celestia and Candy are beaten senseless and roundly embarrassed by the bad girls. Possibly the most one-sided battle ever.

Length: 17 minutes 16 seconds  / Price: $21.95

Sonica heads to the ring in a new costume to face down the Empress of the Dark Superiors, Myanna. The villainess is discontented with the lack of challenge and has little regard for our heroine.
Once the battle starts and Sonica starts screaming that opinion changes. Myanna desperate to silence the heroine uses brutal tactics in this very competitive submissions battle. Combatants leap from ropes, hammer and stretch each other trying to get the victory. So which of them will be tapping out in the end? Find Out Now!

Length: 15 minutes 00 seconds  / Price: $17.95
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