It's 'Friend v Friend' as the dastardly Announcer uses powers from mysterious new sponsors to drive one of our heroines wild. Red Glory attempts gravity power to restrain Wonderstrike but it soon becomes clear only brutality will do. Perhaps ambition and will to win is greater than either of them previously thought... Who wins? Find out now...
Length: 13 minutes 04 seconds  / Price: $15.95
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The Deceptress takes on debutant bad girl 'Sister Fate' in a classic powers battle. Where the villainess uses her foresight, the heroine counteracts with her clones. However, once the games have been played and the real fighting begins there is only one winner. Can Erica finally defeat one of the evil females? Or will her record against them remain dismal? Find out now...
Length: 13 minutes 45 seconds  / Price: $15.95
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It's a DOUBLE-DEBUT as heroine HOTSHOT takes on the malicious MALICIA DIVINE. Hotshot's power enables her to hit very powerful strikes from time to time which turn the tide in her favour... But is a 'power-punch' really any match for Malicia's evil magic?
The is a Best of 3 battle with KO's and submissions allowed. Who did you vote to win? 
Length: 11 minutes 53 seconds  / Price: $13.95
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Comet Girl makes her long awaited return to the Championship and manages to curry favour with The Announcer when her opponent, Red Glory, assaults him. In anger the Announcer stipulates the first IRON HEROINE battle, the winner being the heroine who scores the most pins, KO's and submissions in a 12 hour marathon. Both women end up totally exhausted, but who wins?
Length: 16 minutes 16 seconds  / Price: $17.95
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The Dominator has crushed every opponent put before her and Starshot is expected to be no different. But Starshot is smart enough to know this and has hatched a plan to bring down the villainess with her friend The Deceptress. However, even the best laid plans can go wrong... Will The Dominator now simply dominate​​ both superheroines?
Length: 16 minutes 08 seconds  / Price: $18.95
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Virtue & Red Glory have been allies in the past, but the Championship is every woman for herself. A 10 count KO needed to win and full use of powers. Virtue has the strength advantage due to Red Glory's blood type, but gravity power pins and chokes Virtue into a brief stupor. Which heroine shows the most ruthless aggression against her friend? 
Length: 13 minutes 03 seconds  / Price: $14.95
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Spectrum makes her Championship debut against the as yet undefeated Wonderstrike, who is keen to remain top heroine on the leaderboard. Both ladies have agreed to forego their powers in a 3 count pin battle but when the fur really starts to fly the temptation becomes too much for one of them!
Length: 9 minutes 37 seconds  / Price: $11.95
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Red Glory, Virtue, & Lucy Zillion come to the ring expecting some kind of 3 Way Battle only to be told they are to face the Mighty Myanna of the Three Towers. Our heroines are unconcerned, certain their combined efforts will prevail. However, as their powers hinder each other in unforeseen ways, Myanna attacks! The villainess uses each heroine as a ragdoll with KO's and 10-count pins causing utter humiliation for the piled up good girls.
Length: 12 minutes 52 seconds  / Price: $14.95
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Red Glory makes her return to the ring after some time off from the horrible beating by Miss Suppression to take on Lucy Zillion who is coming straight back after a win over Virtue. This battle is a ‘sidekicks’ match where the loser must become a cheerleader for the winner. The battle consists of 3 rounds: 1) Chloroform KO 2) Boxing KO 3) All-out Submission.
Length: 12 minutes 04 seconds  / Price: $14.95
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Lady Victory has a win-loss record of 0-5, making a mockery of her name. It is now so bad that the Announcer has stripped her powers and costume and turned her into 'Lady Nothing'. Now she must face the powerful Harbinger and as expected Lady V is KO'd over and over. The defeat is so shameful and easy that Harbinger asks for the heroines powers to be restored. THEN the fight truly begins!
Length: 12 minutes 18 seconds  / Price: $14.95
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It's Elite Force versus Fail-Safe Sisters as Virtue and Lucy Zillion collide in the ring! Each heroine is given the powers of 2 of her own team-mates to overcome the other in a 3 round pinning contest. Virtue tries strength against Lucy's cunning, but in the end it could be down to their own skills as to who comes out on top. KO's and pins abound in this battle of the factions!

Length: 14 minutes 14 seconds  / Price: $16.95
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Things are getting desperate for Lady Victory. So far she has lost all of her battles in the Championship and now must face the as yet undefeated Wonderstrike in a submissions battle. The Announcer promises that if Lady V loses, she will face a great humiliation.
Lady V starts strongly but Wonderstrike is tenacious and also wants to win. Both heroines cause much pain for the other.

Length: 12 minutes 15 seconds  / Price: $14.95
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Erica asked for this rematch, and she definitely got it! This EPIC episode-length battle puts the amazing first fight in the shade as The Dominator physically and mentally annihilates the heroine with multiple KO's, an embarrassing 10-Count pin, and a series of humiliating submissions. Erica is a slave to pain in what must rank as #1 in the all-time one-sided beat down list. Must be seen to be believed!

​Length: 19 minutes 25 seconds  / Price: $24.95
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Starshot makes her Championship debut against her friend Wonderstrike. Both are placed in metal catsuits but refuse to fight each other. incensing the Announcer. He then uses the suits against them, electrocuting them, overheating them and tossing them around as magnets. To stop this they MUST fight, KO round followed by submission. FIGHT!!

Length: 13 minutes 19 seconds  / Price: $15.95
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After getting decimated by Harbinger, Lucy badly needs a victory. Her opponent is Wonderstrike, making her Championship debut. The battle is 'Best of 3 Pins'. Wonderstrike starts well but the more experienced Lucy shows how desperate she is to win and fights back hard. After brutal hits, holds and chokes there is only one winner, but who? Find out now!

Length: 14 minutes 12 seconds  / Price: $16.95
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Lady Victory must arrest her losing streak, unfortunately her opponent is The Dominator, whose previous battle saw her utterly destroy Erica. Lady Victory is determined though, and unlike Erica manages to lay some moves on The Dominator early on, with the mean villainess having to resort to darker tactics to get control. Can Lady Victory win at last? Or will it be another embarrassment?

​Length: 10 minutes 16 seconds  / Price: $12.95
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Lucy Zillion makes her debut with the odds stacked against her. Harbinger is her opponent, and gets to choose the battle stipulations. The villainess gives Lucy a chance by saying she must KO her 1 time BEFORE Harbinger KO's Lucy 10 times.
Despite this advantage Lucy really struggles and Harbinger KO's the heroine time after time. Can Lucy get the one KO she needs? Or will the score be a humiliating 10-0 for Harbinger?
Length: 13 minutes 23 seconds  / Price: $16.95
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A battle few imagined they would ever see. Lady Victory returns to action after over a year on the sidelines to take on the ever popular Erica 'Deceptress' Lynn. Beauty meets Beauty, and great strength must take on duplication as all powers are retained.
To win this battle one of the combatants must be knocked out for a slow 10 count. KO's abound as one heroine attempts to defeat the other. You chose the winner... but who will it be?
Length: 12 minutes 05 seconds  / Price: $15.95
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The longest standing grudge in NGC history finally makes it to the ring as Angel clashes with Miss Freedom. A Best of 3 round battle. Round 1 sees both heroines with their original powers; Miss Freedom super-strong, Angel with Mind Control. After that all bets are off as powers are stripped and they fight hand-to-hand to determine Elite Force's mightiest.
Length: 14 minutes 19 seconds  / Price: $16.95
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Life isn't fair. Red Glory battles Miss Suppression in a 'Best of 3 Pin-falls' Battle but no sooner does she get the upper hand when the announcer strips her of powers and doubles the villainesses strength. What follows is a cruel squash match that turns Red Glory into no more than a victim.
Length: 9 minutes 47 seconds  / Price: $11.95
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After a disastrous debut against 'The Dominator', Erica looks to make amends in the ring against the mighty KO Queen. It seems like a bad idea. It's a 'Best Of 3 Knock-Outs Battle' and Erica starts well, but KO Queen is a dirty and dangerous fighter who soon is putting the squeeze on a desperate Erica. Will the misery continue for Erica? Or will she break KO Queen's winning streak? Find out now...
Length: 11 minutes 36 seconds  / Price: $13.95
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Celestia makes her debut in the NGC Championship and she is none too impressed by the announcer. She faces Angel, a heroines desparate for a win. The rules are that this is a Knock-Out Battle, with the losr being the heroine laid flat-out unconscious for a full 10-Count.
This battle contains some close shaves as both heroines are knocked out, the question is who gets the full 10 count? Find out now...
Length: 11 minutes 48 seconds  / Price: $13.95
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Miss Suppression, the name strikes fear in the hearts of all NGC heroines. This deadly villainess has caused misery for the likes of Bluebird, Miss Freedom, and Celestia. Now she joins the Championship and is determined to cause havoc. Virtue is first to fight her in a match where the combatants choose the rules, can Virtue find a way to win? Includes, bear-hugs, multiple slams, neck scissors, knock-outs and much more!
Length: 11 minutes 07 seconds  / Price: $13.95
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De-caped, De-booted, De-stroyed. The new season of NGC Championship battles begins with a bang as Erica enters the ring for the first time to face 'The Dominator'. What follows is possibly the most one-sided super-squash ever seen as the proud heroine is taken apart by a much more powerful adversary. There is no point in pretending she has any hope, for all hope is lost in this ultimate destruction battle.
Length: 12 minutes 09 seconds  / Price: $15.95
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The Top 2 on the leaderboard finally meet. Each has an undefeated record and every reason to want to extend it. The battle is a 'Perfect 3 match' requiring a KO, Pin, and Submission for victory. KO Queen despises everything about her beautiful heroic opponent and Bluebird suffers an early setback when the Queen hits a dirty move. Can Bluebird overcome this monstrous villainess?
Length: 9 minutes 49 seconds  / Price: $12.95
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The Battle of Purity as the two heroines in white do battle in the ring. It's a best of 3 Knock-Outs match and neither lady wastes a moment in attacking the other. Both combatants unfortunately lost their first battles so there is everything to fight for to get up the leader board. This fight includes Bearhugs, Bulldogs, Cape chokes and some amazing kicks plus much more...
Length: 8 minutes 33 seconds  / Price: $11.95
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Lady Victory returns to the ring after a shock defeat to Bluebird in her previous battle. Things don't get any easier for the babe in blue and red as she must fight the brutal and sadistic KO Queen, currently undefeated. To win requires a simple pin or submission but it is soon clear that KO Queen wants both. Lady Victory fights hard to resist but takes more than her fair share of shots and in the end there is a clear winner.
Length: 9 minutes 45 seconds  / Price: $11.95
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Lady Victory makes her debut in the NGC Championship against Bluebird who already has a win under her belt and is the only heroine to do so. It's a 'Best Of 3 Knock-Outs' Battle so both heroines go for the KO as soon as possible, hard kicks and punches and if that doesn't work then neck scissors from Bluebird and Split Bow and Arrow holds from Lady Victory are attempted in a thrillingly close battle.
Length: 10 minutes 47 seconds  / Price: $12.95