Nemesis, the Dark God, is in need of a challenge. He demands the Announcer produce the strongest heroines available. Spectrum is delivered. The heroine is confident but Nemesis crushes her like a bug. Still thirsty, he demands another. This time it is Majesty who arrives, but even her great strength cannot stop the onslaught. How bad does it get? Find out now... 
Length: 14 minutes 14 seconds  / Price: $16.95
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What if the Crown Prince had defeated Celestia? In this 'battle' the chained heroine has two options for who will rule her. Will it be Commander Curse? Or Myanna? The Commander starts and shows how brutal his rule would be, relentlessly attacking Celestia. Myanna on the other hand uses humiliation and mind control as her weapon. Either way, Celestia's future is extremely bleak with this encounter producing possibly her most humiliating defeat of all time. Find out now...
Length: 18 minutes 34 seconds  / Price: $19.95
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Candy Race equalises Sister Fate's power, leaving them both hitting nothing, so the Announcer strips both women of their powers, and their boots, in order to have a barefoot brawl! The winner must score a 10 count KO against the loser, and without powers both combatants must rely on their natural fighting talent. Who wins in this tooth and nail fight? Find out now...
Length: 12 minutes 57 seconds  / Price: $14.95
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The Deceptress gets back into an eerily quiet ring, whereupon she is faced by Requiem, a Space Pirate with a deeply mean streak. Naturally Erica expects to be stronger than anyone she fights but Requiem soon proves her wrong, battering her all over the ring and putting her in a serious of painful and humiliating holds. Will Deceptress's dreadful losing streak continue? Find out now...
Length: 18 minutes 41 seconds  / Price: $19.95
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The Deceptress makes her long-awaited return to the Championship ring determined to set the record straight and record a WIN. The Announcer doesn't like this idea and so he pits her against 'Nemesis' who happens to be a Dark God and basically invincible. Soon it isn't a question of winning or losing, but how many times the superheroine will be knocked out!
Length: 13 minutes 54 seconds  / Price: $16.95
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Majesty makes her debut in the championship as she takes on both Spectrum and The Anvil in an all-v-all Triple Threat battle. All 3 combatants are fiercely strong, but who is the mightiest?
All 3 fight each other throughout the battle with the Anvil trying strength holds and lifts and Majesty and Spectrum attempting to batter each other. Who of the 3 takes the win? Find out now!
Length: 15 minutes 03 seconds  / Price: $17.95
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Celestia and Candy take to the ring expecting a difficult fight, what they get is beyond their wildest nightmares! The Announcer lays battle stipulations that halve our heroines strength while also allowing the villainous Myanna and Sister Fate to use weapons. A completely unfair stitch-up. What follows is a humiliating massacre as both Celestia and Candy are beaten senseless and roundly embarrassed by the bad girls. Possibly the most one-sided battle ever.
Length: 17 minutes 16 seconds  / Price: $19.95
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Sonica heads to the ring in a new costume to face down the Empress of the Dark Superiors, Myanna. The villainess is discontented with the lack of challenge and has little regard for our heroine.
Once the battle starts and Sonica starts screaming that opinion changes. Myanna desperate to silence the heroine uses brutal tactics in this very competitive submissions battle. Combatants leap from ropes, hammer and stretch each other trying to get the victory. So which of them will be tapping out in the end? Find Out Now!

Length: 15 minutes 00 seconds  / Price: $16.95
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 Elite Force Trainee 'Dreamweaver' makes her debut in any format and unluckily for her it is in the ring against a psychotic and furious Commander Curse. Oddly she seems supremely confident. This will not do...
The Announcer is desperate to see to it that she is totally defeated and in Curse he has a willing combatant. Dreamweaver is absolutely battered by the Commander and her arrogance seriously taken down a peg... But perhaps something else is going on here?Find Out Now!
Length: 10 minutes 14 seconds  / Price: $12.95
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 All heroines have some pride. While fighting deadly foes is a priority, all wonder who among them is truly the best. Of course 1 v 1 encounters can give answers to this question, but nothing beats a battle where the winner can prove supremacy over multiple foes at once.
Our combatants are Starshot, Wonderstrike, Candy Race, and Deja Vu, and there can only be one winner as they tag one another in and out so you see several different match-ups in this all-against-all eliminator. If you get pinned or submit you are out. Who will take bragging rights? Find Out Now!
Length: 13 minutes 06 seconds  / Price: $16.95
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Virtue heads back to the ring to face the appalling Commander Curse alone. It was bad enough with Comet Girl's help so this time is going to be a complete squash. To give her a chance the Announcer gives her a time limit in which to score a KO, irrespective of how many defeats she suffers. Even with this help Virtue is getting humiliated. However, it seems like some kind of pact is forming between Virtue and Vice, her dark alter ego who is strong where she is weak. Can this split-personality heroine prevail? Or will both black and white get crushed? Find Out Now!
Length: 13 minutes 25 seconds  / Price: $15.95
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The Crown Prince's favourite pet Miss Freedom is thrown back into action in her new costume. This time however she has help in the form of Sonica, and she is going to need it when the opponents come in the form of Malicia Divine and Sister Fate! No major stipulations are required with just pins or submissions needed. All 4 go at the fight hard. Sonica's scream causes havoc for the villains, but will it end up un-doing Miss Freedom instead? Find Out Now!
Length: 15 minutes 57 seconds  / Price: $16.95
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Dominator has met Celestia before, and she decimated the heroine. This particular Celestia has only heard the stories however and is looking to return the favour. The Announcer proclaims a 'verbal submission' battle to prove who is the Mistress and who is the slave. Heavy blows are exchanged and once Celestia is felled Dominator removes her boots as is her way. Now barefoot and pregnant, Celestia must try to survive the punishing onslaught without giving in.
Length: 17 minutes 37 seconds  / Price: $19.95
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Sonica has had a hard start to her Championship, what with a grueling battle against Curse, and now Malicia Divine as her opponent. However, the Announcer appears to give her hope as he proposes a 3 round battle, 1st round Malicia can use her power ring against a powerless Sonica. 2nd round the Sonic Scream is in effect against a defenceless Malicia, and if a 3rd round is needed both ladies will be powerless. Can Sonica claim her first victory?
Length: 15 minutes 45 seconds  / Price: $17.95
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Starshot and Wonderstrike have fought each other in the Championship ring, with Wonderstrike narrowly winning. This time they must work together against Alaric. The villain has caused each of them a lot of trouble in the past but this tag handicap battle may give them a chance... or will it? Wonderstrike's strength gives Alaric trouble but it isn't long before he begins to dominate. Bearhugs, stretches, and general 'woman-handling' make it a tough fight for the heroines!
Length: 13 minutes 31 seconds  / Price: $15.95
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Comet Girl comes to the ring and is presented with her opponent Virtue. At first the two friends decide not to fight, but with pride at stake that situation doesn't last long. Enter Commander Curse, a profoundly unfriendly man whose presence convinces the heroines to work together, but will this alliance hold if the only way to win is to score the pin or submission yourself? Besides that, Curse is looking to tear both of them apart!
Length: 13 minutes 35 seconds  / Price: $15.95
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The Crown Prince loves to be entertained, and it seems nothing pleases him more than seeing Elite Force leader Miss Freedom being physically crushed and humiliated. In this battle combatants score points by hitting the 'target' of the other. Of course Miss Freedom's target is much bigger and to weaken her still more, a  large proportion of the oxygen is removed . All this and an opponent in Sister Fate who relishes her pain and it looks like a tough day for Miss Freedom!
Length: 17 minutes 42 seconds  / Price: $19.95
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A long time ago Dominator turned her back on the light Superiors and Spectrum has never forgiven her, making this a grudge match. If only the Announcer hadn't caused havoc with Spectrum's powers then things might have been easier. As the heroine tries to get to grips with the situation Dominator pummels her into oblivion. Crushing attacks from Dominator cause multiple KO's, can Spectrum win? Find out now...
Length: 22 minutes 00 seconds  / Price: $24.95
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Deja Vu  takes on 'Alaric The Great' in a special Championship exhibition battle. The rules are simple, a 10-count knock down is what it takes to win. Deja has an advantage however, it seems her powers of recall are so far undetected and the Announcer is just putting her skills down to good luck. When the fight starts Deja is quickly on the attack but Alaric's strength is mighty and she is soon dizzy. Can she use her power to rectify her mistakes before she gets squashed? Find out now...
Length: 16 minutes 17 seconds  / Price: $18.95
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Sonica - The Mistress of Sound - Makes her debut in the Championship against the maniacal and deadly Commander Curse. Only the second ever inter-gender battle. The rookie heroine has really been thrown in at the deep end. To win, a combatant must score a KO, pin, and submission without their opponent getting any of those three. Can Sonica do anything against such a powerful opponent? Find out now...
Length: 14 minutes 01 seconds  / Price: $16.95
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Spectrum comes to the ring confident in her abilities and powers. But she's never met anyone like Sister Fate before. The battle is a 'Perfect 3' with the victor needing to score a KO, a pin, and a submission to win. To make it even harder Spectrum is only allowed to use 2 of her 6 powers, and misunderstanding Sister Fate's abilities leads to a poor choice. This battle then becomes a one-sided squash of the heroine as Spectrum is destroyed!
Length: 12 minutes 34 seconds  / Price: $14.95
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Starshot and Malicia have a long running beef, and now it is time to settle it in the ring. These two ladies really despise one another, so the Announcer of course decides to chain them together! It gets pretty brutal from there as chokes and holds are all the more painful when you can't run away! Will Starshot fall to another defeat and jobber status? Or is it Malicia's turn for humiliation? Find out now!
Length: 11 minutes 05 seconds  / Price: $13.95
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Comet Girl returns to the ring with her toughest opponent yet; unbeaten Wonderstrike. In this battle powers alternate at the sound of a buzzer, so when Comet Girl has her speed, Wonderstrike is powerless, but the buzzer sounds and Wonderstrike has her blast, while Comet Girl is powerless. This makes for a see-saw encounter, but who will come out on top?
Length: 13 minutes 55 seconds  / Price: $15.95
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'The Battle Of The SHOTS' as Starshot takes on Hotshot in a bruising encounter. There appears to be no love lost between these heroine beauties and with bragging rights up for grabs which of them will come out on top? SImple pin or submission rules as each heroine locks in painful holds and knock out attempts to best the other. Each heroine gets KO'd in this one.
Length: 10 minutes 33 seconds  / Price: $13.95
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The Deceptress takes on Spectrum in an effort to find out once and for all whether Sapien or Superior power is best. Each heroine dons pink boxing gloves and tries to land the shot that will put their opponent down for a 10-count while the Announcer looks on with glee... His hatred of both of them assures a win/win situation for evil. Which heroine is KO'd? Find out now...
Length: 11 minutes 18 seconds  / Price: $13.95
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It's 'Friend v Friend' as the dastardly Announcer uses powers from mysterious new sponsors to drive one of our heroines wild. Red Glory attempts gravity power to restrain Wonderstrike but it soon becomes clear only brutality will do. Perhaps ambition and will to win is greater than either of them previously thought... Who wins? Find out now...
Length: 13 minutes 04 seconds  / Price: $15.95
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